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District Medication Policy

Short Term Medication Policy (2-3 days in duration)

A student needing medication for a limited time such as antibiotics for 2-3 days or cough syrup, must have a parent-signed form completed along with the original prescription bottle with the child's name, name of the medication, dosage, and time to be given on the bottle and on the form which is available form the school health office or at the link below. No medication will be given for more than a three day period without the doctor's signed order (see the first notation above.).

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Long Term Medication Policy

Our school district recognizes that some children need to take medication at school. To encourage school attendance, the school will assist by keeping medicine at school for your child. However, we request that the policy outlined below be conscientiously observed for the safety of your child and others.


A specific Statement of Physician form must be completed and signed by you and your doctor stating the name of the medicine, dosage, time to be given and any specific instructions. This form may be obtained from your school health office or at the link below.


Unless otherwise specified by your doctor in writing, medications to be taken three times daily may usually be done at home by taking one before leaving for school, one immediately after school, and the third at bedtime.


Please bring all medicine in the original prescription bottle with the child's name, type of medication, dosage and time to be taken on the label. This may require two prescription bottles from your pharmacist but it is essential that we have an original bottle with the prescription label on it.


For the safety of students, and by law, students are not permitted to carry medication while at school. In rare instances where a student may have a serious sensitivity or is a sever asthmatic and must carry and Epi-pen or inhaler on his/her person, the form from the doctor must clearly state "to be carried by student at all times" and have his signature.


Students with severe sensitivities or severe asthma who require injectable medication must have the injection in the health office before beginning school. Anyone attending school with a notation on their emergency card of a potentially serious reaction for any reason will be excluded immediately until the prescribed emergency medication and doctor's instructions are on file in the health office.


All medication will be kept in a locked cupboard at school, and will be given at the time designated by your doctor. Do encourage your child to take the responsibility of reporting to the health office at the appropriate time for the medication.


Any change in the medication as to the amount, type, or frequency will again require the doctor's verification and instructions as to amount and frequency. Medication not used by the end of the school year must be picked up by a designated adult or it will be discarded by school personnel at the end of the school year.

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