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Keep up the good job completing work using our online curriculum like Dreambox, Imagine Learning, NewsELA, and RAZ Kids. Don't forget to remind your student to record his/her online minutes for bonus check book points

Weekly News
Agendas will be checked for a parent signature every Monday. Remember, the signature serves as confirmation that you reviewed upcoming assignments and information with your student order to be prepared for upcoming week. It does not confirm that assignments have been completed. 

I have discussed the importance of taking Reading Counts books home and bringing them back to school every day so that the books can be read at home for homework, as well as at school for Daily 5 time. 

Homework each night includes reading a Reading Counts book for 30 minutes. I use RC points as verification that your child is reading at home, as assigned each night, and is following through with RC quizzes. The quizzes give us an opportunity to see how much of what your child reads on his/her own he/she is comprehending. 

Every Monday in Room 17 is College Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear any shirt from their favorite college every Monday as a reminder that "after high school comes college." On Wednesdays, students are encouraged to wear a Barnett shirt or one that has our school colors, or a sports jersey from a pro or rec team.

Your child is responsible for returning his/her library books to renew or return. Also Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are our P.E. day, so please help your child remember to wear sneakers on these days. The upper grade students in the West Wing are raising money to donate to a charity that they will vote on at the end of the year. Students can wear any hat of their choice all day every Friday to school (even inside the buildings!) for only $1.00 donation on "Bring a Buck and Wear a Hat" Day.

Thank you for helping your student build ownership for his/her learning by reviewing the assignments and news in his/her agenda every Friday and sign off ONLY ONCE each Monday. The expectation of managing school responsibilities is the first step toward developing strong organizational skills and holds each student responsible for his/her learning. All year we will focus on skills and habits that will lead students on the road to success. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns, or celebrations Check out the Room 17 webpage located on the Barnett page of the R.U.S.D. website. It's a great way to stay connected! You will also find important school information, such as classroom supply lists, on the Barnett webpage.