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 "Learning is MY Responsibility…whatever it takes!”

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No Excuses…We are going to college! 

Years from now we want our children to be independent, productive citizens capable of thinking critically and making rational wholesome choices.  In order to achieve this goal, we have to practice independence and productivity in a safe environment with caring supervision.  Students must be encouraged to try out their limits while error and failure are safe to experience, and success can be achieved.  We want them to think highly of themselves and believe that anything is possible. Close communication is extremely important.  Please let me know of any questions/concerns you have so we can address any issue before it becomes a problem.  

Please be sure to access the Room 17 webpage, located on the Barnett home page, on a weekly basis. My webpage is updated each week, and is a great way to stay informed on classroom & school news, homework assignments, and spelling words, etc. Check out the important links on the class homepage for info on Common Core Standards and the culture of our classroom community. 

Our 4th Grade curriculum is aligned with California Common Core standards.

See grade level standards at:

The agenda is the primary form of communication for parents and teachers to use. It is important to make it a weekly habit to check the agenda every weekend to preview the next week’s assignments and news, especially since I look for a parent signature every Monday as confirmation you have seen your child’s agenda. Please ask your child to let me know if you have written a note in the agenda for me to read. Weekly reports may be made via “Sunshine Calls” to parents or emails in order to touch base on progress, concerns, or share celebrations. 
If your child is struggling with an assignment or an issue at school, jot a note in his/her agenda, send an email, or give me a call. 


Progress reports are sent home between report card periods to students who are below proficient in grade level standards and/or not meeting classroom expectations. R.U.S.D. is using a revised TK-6 standards-based report card that informs parents about their child’s growth and progress towards meeting the state’s content standards presented to date. Please read the attached informational sheet that explains more about our district’s new California standards-based report card. Again this year, instead of using indicators of performance as Advanced, (4) Proficient (3), Approaching (2), or Below (1), progress is now reported as Exceeds (4), Meets (3), Adequate Progress (2), or Limited Progress (1) toward meeting standards presented to date.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are during the week of October 24th. More information will be provided as conference week approaches. 

MAP TESTING-New Format aligned with Common Core Standards 
MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing occurs two times a year (2-6) across our district and measures student achievement in reading, language usage, and math. Its purpose is to improve student learning, measure academic growth during the year, monitor progress over several years, evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs, guide teacher instruction, increase students’ ownership of their learning, and predict success on state tests, although we currently have no baseline range for what “meeting grade level standards” looks for the new state test (CAASPP). We use the Fall MAP scores to set student goals. These goals will be sent home after all Fall MAP testing has been completed, and will be used to track growth.

Reading Counts is a district wide reading program that encourages students to become independent readers who are excited and motivated to read. By reading books that are in their lexile level (appropriate independent reading comprehension level as identified by the MAP Reading test) and are identified as Reading Counts books, students can take quizzes at school and earn points when they score proficient levels of comprehension. A school wide program awards prizes and certificates when students reach benchmark levels, and of course the more a student reads, the better reader he/she becomes. Students love to see their points grow as the year progresses! Reading Counts is also used as a measure of overall reading comprehension. To hold students accountable for their at home nightly homework reading, a R.C. Book Report will be sent home at the beginning of each month. It is due at the end of the month starting in October and is found on the class webpage. Also, RC points are factored into students’ homework grade in order to hold them accountable for their at home reading:
25 points per month = E, 20 points per month = G, 15 points per month = S.
Points are averaged out and other homework expectations are factored in. 

The easiest way to see if a book has a Reading Counts quiz is to use the district’s website:
Go to R.U.S.D website at
1. Select “Parents”
2. Select “Reading Counts Book Search Tool”
3. At the Scholastic site, type the name of the book you are looking for to see if the district has a quiz for the book your child is reading, as well as the lexile level & points value.

Another way to identify books in your child’s lexile range:
1. Go to
2. Click on “Search for Books”
3. Type the name of the book to find the lexile number or type in your child’s lexile range to locate titles with a specific range.

R.U.S.D. uses Lucy Calkins “Units of Study” writing curriculum to teach the process of writing at all elementary schools in the district K-6, in addition to using it at O.P.M.S. Clear communication through writing is an essential skill in any subject area, in any grade, and in any career field. Students will participate in Writer's Workshop each week to hone the craft of writing, and build a strong understanding that proficient writing skills are required for every type of writing purpose. Also, we 
are using a California Common Core Standards-based curriculum entitled Math Expressions for math instruction. This program integrates all the standards for Mathematical Practice within each unit. It is a new mathematical way of thinking, speaking, and learning for all of us. Please do not hesitate to ask for help, if needed. Learning how to solve problems multiple ways and thinking outside the box are valued skills, so feel free to share your thinking and knowledge with your student. There is no wrong way to come up with a right answer! 

Rewards are used to reinforce positive and appropriate behavior:
  • Checkbook points: used for shopping at the class store once a month 
  • Character In Action slips: students recognized for good character 
  • Marble jar: teamwork fills the marble jar and rewards vary based on class voting 
  • Bobcat Bash recognition 

Consequences are issued for negative and inappropriate behaviors:

  • Loss of checkbook points &/or recess 
  • Writing a Rethinking Letter, phone call home, visit to the principal 
Room 17’s Teamwork Pledge: 
Teamwork, Teamwork it's what we are about!
Teamwork, Teamwork it makes us wanna shout!
Say what....
More by
Well in
Room 17
Kindly, Safely, Productively
It's the Barnett Way
Hip Hip Hooray! 

B.E.S. Upper Grades Classroom Management Plan 
(available in hard copy)

B.E.S. Upper Grades Rethinking Letter  (available in hard copy)     

Each child will have his/her own agenda that will be filled out every Thursday giving you a heads up on upcoming events as well as the coming week’s homework assignments and projects.  By checking your child’s agenda DAILY, you are aware of assignments, tests, quizzes, book reports, events, etc.  It is critical that you help your child develop a plan for the upcoming week.  I know the children have other activities they are involved in, so a little extra time planning homework will be very helpful!  Please make school and learning a priority.  Plan accordingly and check agendas every single day so you will be less likely to have any surprises.  Your child’s agenda is our way of communicating on a daily basis. The homework assignments in your child’s agenda are also found on our classroom webpage just in case your child’s agenda is difficult to read. 

  • If your child is absent on Thursday or Friday, please be sure that his/her agenda is filled out completely from the webpage or that the homework assignments are printed out, attached to the agenda and signed by a parent to show the assignments have been reviewed.

Non-food birthday treats are allowed on your child’s birthday.  
Other ideas include fun pencils, erasers, notepads, stamps, etc. Also, don't forget that books can be donated to the class library by using the Birthday Book form.

Assignments - Proper heading used for assignments completed on lines paper includes:
          First and Last Name, Nick Number
          Assignment/Page Number

Work not completed in class will go home after appropriate amount of class time has been used. Please complete work and turn it in the next day for full credit. Class work/homework that needs corrected may be sent home as a FIRST-AID assignment and should be returned the next day. 

Homework assignments will include **every week:

  • **Reading Counts (Each student will set a minimum monthly goal)-Please read Reading Counts books so that students can take quizzes and earn credit for 20-30 minutes of at home reading daily
  • **Math: Multiplication worksheets, AKA "Lightning Rods (L.R), due every Tuesday; practice math facts nightly for 10 minutes
  • Studying for tests/quizzes as they come up
  • Monthly Reading Counts book reports: use exemplar from binder as the Success Criteria for book report
  • Incomplete class work, i.e. spelling, cursive, etc. 
It is the student’s responsibility to complete all work as soon as possible when he or she is absent.  The expectation is that it will be done within one week. If you know your child will be absent, please let me know so that I can give your child assignments he/she will miss ahead of time to avoid falling behind. 

If your child is absent on Friday, please be sure that his/her agenda is filled out completely from the webpage or that the homework assignments are printed out, attached to the agenda and signed by a parent to show the assignments have been reviewed.  

Study Skills: 

· Have a time and place to study, free from interruptions 
· Have materials close at hand especially paper, pencils, and dictionary
· Assignments can be done with the computer or with a pencil
· No pens or crayons on written work. 

 If student is unable to understand assignment: 

· Reread directions
· Ask parent/older brother/sister
· Call a friend in class 
· Write a note to the teacher about assignment 
· Have your parents check your homework for accuracy             

Field Trips:

  • Mission San Luis Rey in November or December 
  • Star of India: Gold Diggers Day trip in March
  • Mad Science Assembly at BES

As soon as our field trips are confirmed, I will get the information to you. Buses are preferred mode of transport, but we may opt for private transportation. Please be sure that you meet the district’s insurance requirements and have a R.U.S.D. driver form on file with the office at least one week before a scheduled field trip if you volunteer to drive on a field trip.

As A Team We Will Achieve Much Success!

I look forward to a fantastic and productive year of learning!